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Interview questions and answers for 3-8 year experience

What is the difference between an abstract class and interface? When would you want to use them? OOP Concepts practical questions example in C# Static Class in C# What are Anonymous methods? What is the difference between Finalize()and Dispose()? What is the difference between ref and out parameters? What is the difference between Var, object… Read More »

Difference between WCF and Web Service

WCF Web Service It is defined by ServiceContract and operationContract attributes. It is defined by WebService and WebMethod attributes are used. It Supports various protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, TCP, Named Pipes and MSMQ. It Supports only HTTP, HTTPS protocols. Hosted in IIS,Windows Service, WAS (Windows Activation Service), Self-hosting. Hosted only in IIS. It is secure, reliable… Read More »