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State management in ASP.Net

State management means to preserve state of a control, web page, object/data, and user in the application explicitly because all ASP.NET web applications are stateless, i.e., by default, for each page posted to the server, the state of controls is lost. Nowadays all web apps demand a high level of state management from control to… Read More »

State management in ASP.NET

State management is the process by which you maintain state and page information over multiple requests for the same or different pages. Why we need of ASP.NET State Management? As we know that Web Applications work on HTTP protocol. HTTP protocol is a stateless protocol, meaning it does not retain state between user requests. Example:… Read More »

Cookies in Angularjs

In AngularJS, ngCookies module and $cookieStoreservice to carry out the various functions for creating,reading and removing Cookies. The $cookieStore put function has two parameters (name of cookie and value of cookie). The $cookieStore get function accepts the Name of the Cookie in order to read its value. The $cookieStore remove function accepts the Name of… Read More »