Find all permutations of a String

Given a string, find all the permutations of the string.
For example:
Input String: abc
Output: {bca, acb, abc, cba, bac, cab}


class Program
        /*Function to print permutations of string
        This function takes three parameters: 
        1. String 
        2. Starting index of the string 
        3. Ending index of the string.*/
        private static void permute(String str, int l, int r)
            if (l == r)
                for (int i = l; i <= r; i++)
                    str = swap(str, l, i);
                    permute(str, l + 1, r);
                    str = swap(str, l, i);

        //Function to swap values 
        public static String swap(String a, int i, int j)
            char temp;
            char[] charArray = a.ToCharArray();
            temp = charArray[i];
            charArray[i] = charArray[j];
            charArray[j] = temp;
            string s = new string(charArray);
            return s;

        static void Main(string[] args)
            String str = "ABC";
            int n = str.Length;
            permute(str, 0, n - 1);


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