Connected and Disconnected architecture in ADO.Net

By | August 2, 2017

The ADO.NET Framework supports two models of Data Access Architecture, Connection Oriented Data Access Architecture and Disconnected Data Access Architecture.

Connected Architecture of ADO.NET
In connected architecture, the connection must be opened to access the data retrieved from the database. It was built on the classes connection, command, datareader and transaction.

Disconnected Architecture in ADO.NET

In disconnected architecture, the data retrieved from database can be accessed even when connection to the database was closed. It was built on classes connection, dataadapter, commandbuilder and dataset and dataview.

Difference between Connected and disconnected architecture

Connected Disconnected
It is connection oriented. It is dis_connection oriented.
Connected methods gives faster performance Disconnected get low in speed and performance.
Datareader DataSet
connected can hold the data of single table disconnected can hold multiple tables of data
connected you need to use a read only forward only data reader disconnected you cannot
Data Reader can’t persist the data Data Set can persist the data
It is Read only, we can’t update the data. We can update data


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