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Use of Fault Contract in WCF Service

In WCF Service, errors or exceptions can be passed to the Client (WCF Service Consumer) by using FaultContract. It’s very simple in Asp.Net by adding the Try & Catch blocks. But when you come to the WCF Service, if any unexpected error occurred (like SQL server down/Unavailability of data/Divide By Zero) in service, then error/exception… Read More »

Types Of Bindings In WCF

In WCF, Binding describes how a client is going to communicate to WCF service. Binding is used as per client need. It supports different types of protocol to communicate with client and different types of encoding to transfer the data over the internet. So, basically binding is nothing but it is a way of communication between… Read More »

Difference between Soap and Rest web service

Soap: It stands for Simple Object Access Protocol. It is a protocol. It uses HTTP and SMTP transport protocol. It supports only XML format. Using HTTP, SOAP model can tunnel to across firewalls and proxies without any modification to the SOAP protocol. It is more secure as compare to REST because it uses own security model. It supports WS-Security and ACID… Read More »