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OOPS Concept

OOP is a paradigm that used for software development that have following principle. Object: An object is a real world entity that have physical existence in world. Class: a blue print of an object that describe the character and behavior of object. Abstraction: hiding the complexity and show the necessary data to the user. Encapsulations: wrapping up… Read More »

Abstract Vs Interface

Difference between Abstract and Interface Abstract Class: -Abstract class provides a set of rules to implement next class -Rules will be provided through abstract methods -Abstract method does not contain any definition -While inheriting abstract class all abstract methods must be override -If a class contains at least one abstract method then it must be… Read More »

Method Hiding

Method Hiding and Inheritance We will look at an example of how to hide a method in C#. The Parent class has a write () method which is available to the child class. In the child class I have created a new write () method. So, now if I create an instance of child class… Read More »

Features of OOP

The following are the four basic features of OOP: Abstraction – Refers to the process of exposing only the relevant and essential data to the users without showing unnecessary information. Polymorphism – Allows you to use an entity in multiple forms. Encapsulation – Prevents the data from unwanted access by binding of code and data… Read More »