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JWT Bearer Token based Authentication in .Net Core

In my previous posts, I have explained bearer token based authentication and authorization which is just a string, potentially arbitrary, that is used for authorization. Now, In this post we will implement JSON Web Token (JWT). It is an open standard (RFC 7519) that defines a compact and self-contained way for securely transmitting information between… Read More »

Automapper in ASP.NET Core

AutoMapper is an object-object mapper which allows you to solve the problem of manually mapping each property of a class with the same properties of another class. Read in details. How to use Automapper in ASP.NET Core 1) Add the main AutoMapper Package to your solution via NuGet. PM> Install-Package AutoMapper or   2)  Add… Read More »

API Versioning in Core

ASP.NET API versioning gives you the ability to improve and iterate on API’s without breaking contracts. At times the stagnation of innovation on an API is simply because of legacy decisions that cannot be reversed, especially on public API’s. But versioning can quickly get out of control, especially with custom implementations. The API versioning extensions… Read More »

Global Exception Handling in ASP.NET Core WEB API

In my previous post, I have used multiple ways (Exception filter, Global.asax, OnException at Controller etc.,) to implement exception handling in Asp.Net MVC. Asp.Net Core comes with many in-built and ready to use middleware, and you can add them to your application in the Startup class Configure method. One of the in-bulit ASP.NET Core diagnostic… Read More »

How can I diagnose missing dependencies (or other loader failures) in dnx?

For your specific problem, it looks like you have a mismatch in your resolved dependencies. When things like this happen it’s likely because you’re running your application on an incompatible dnx. We’re still making very big breaking changes so if you ever see method missing of type missing, chances are you ended up running betaX… Read More »

ASP.NET Core- Zero to Hero

In this article, we will cover the below topics, What is .Net Core Unified Model New Feature Project Layout Tag Helpers in ASP.NET Core Dependency injection into views View Components Setup Entity Framework Logging in ASP.NET Core Support for Grunt Support for Gulp Support for Bower CURD operation Demo   What is ASP.NET Core? ASP.NET… Read More »

ASP.NET Core 1.0 MVC TagHelper

Tag Helpers are special feature to enable server side code to create, update and render HTML in view file. They are said to be evaluation of Html Helpers. Although, Html Helpers do exist, yet Tag Helpers are very popular as they are just additional attributes in existing Html elements and are very easy for UI… Read More »